Tantra Angel28510

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  • Возраст – 34
  • Рост – 165
  • Вес – 56
I am Angel, and I would love to tell you a bit more about myself: : I am 34 years old, and I am a high class masseuse for you... I have a nice skin, slim body, long brown hair, magic green eyes.., I am master of holistic Tantra massage. I offer a wide range of services, tantric training, and my own form of erotic therapy called "Holistic Erotic Coaching" in which I specialise. For clients who want help in preparing to find a partner, I offer a personalised series of meetings based around their specific needs, called "Practice Partner". I'm not interested in the quantity put into our time together, but I am interested in the Quality of it. When you leave me you will be relaxed and happy with a smile on your face and a glint in your eye, knowing your coming back for more. I always look forward to meeting new clients, finding out what makes them tick! Also exploring new ground with my regular clients too, taking them on new adventures. I am always very discreet at all times and will guarantee you will have a unhurried and very relaxed time, I am perfect for any function or event. If you are bored with the simple escort services.. Then I have a special treat for you! During a date with me, you will be the centre of attention at all times and I promise a date that you’ll remember and cherish for a long time to come. The service include: full body-, tantra,- nuru-, lingam-, and prostate massages.. and of course: this is a very personal time.. I give you, and you have to give me a lovely massage :) Please NOTE: I am NOT an escort,, I am ONLY masseuse!! This is a new service in this area!! You can check some more information on my personal website.. I am arrived back to the UKs.. the price is reduced now , ONLY £150 /hour

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Tantra Angel
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  • 1 час 200
  • 2 часа 380
  • ночь no
  • Возраст 34
  • Рост 165
  • Вес 56
  • Грудь 2
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